Privacy by Design - for Machines and People!

Create a social network of trusted (invite only) peer-to-peer connections, for low latency and low power communications .

Peers can be human or machines (IoT gateway included), communicating through the same compact, stand-alone Internet client - Little Sister®.

Always Encrypted

Automatic end-to-end encryption keeps connections private and secure, by design!

Keep track of your information/communication and keep it safe in your own encrypted distributed object database (Included) on your device. Use meta data to sort data and search for specific posts or files.

Little Sister® - Single Install, Works on Legacy Hardware

Reduce costs with a very compact single executable (our current release supports Microsoft Windows® 7 and 10), it even runs on a 2GB RAM USB compute stick!

Trusted technology – we use a mature Internet standards based architecture called XMPP it’s proven technology used by Cisco and NATO and others.

Your Private Social Network

Create your own invite only, private social network, with full auditing.
You can have all hardware on-premise for added security and control.

Peer-to-peer connections function without the need for a central server, providing a resilient architecture.

Make It Your Own!

Our interface is an HTML5 browser, customize it to deliver the look and feel of your corporate brand; add locales for the regions/languages you serve.

Not enough? add scripts and plugins for your additional requirements!
You can also use our API to interface to other platforms.

Resilient Peer-to-Peer Architecture

Simplified Architecture Overview

Simplified Architecture

Use Cases

Secure collaboration, including machines.
Industrial social networks.
Smart cities and critical services.
Hospitals and health services.
Secure, audited transactions.

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