Little Sister® - Privacy for You and Your Machines!

Secure Private Social Network and IoT Gateway

Our Architecture

Standards Based, peer-to-peer social network with end-to-end encryption and white list (trust based access). 
Enhance your information with meta data and create groups to define access control (machine/human).

IoT (Internet of Things)
Integrate machine access and data in your social network.
Encrypted Storage
Securely store your data in an encrypted database (included).
Have instant control of who accesses your data with full auditing.
Extra Secure Option
On premise SDN (Software Defined Network) for maximum security.
Make it your own
Create your own look and feel, add modules and use APIs for the connectivity/functions you need.

Little Sister® in Chile

Peter and students in Chile

Use Cases

Teams requiring secure collaboration, smart cities 
(including machine data and access control).
Industrial social networks, autonomous systems.

Little Sister®

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